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How TibiEx is worling?

Now you can also take advantage of discounts of popular online stores in Turkey reaching up to 90%. We deliver it so fast that you don’t even notice that you bought them from abroad.

  • You make a profitable order

    You can save up to 70% by buying from Turkish online stores. With a large selection and high quality.
  • We get the package

    As soon as we receive the order in our Turkish warehouse, we weigh and enter into the system. You get information that the package is with us and how much you need to pay for delivery.
  • Fast shipping

    We deliver your parcels to your hometown as soon as possible.
How TibiEx is worling?


Choose from thousands of branded and high quaity products with disscounts up to 90%



Order with our help or yourself from any Turkey online shop



We will deliver your order in short time